Just before our Groundhog Day celebration, our newest exhibit made its debut. The Precipitation Puzzler teaches visitors about four aspects of precipitation: raindrops, snowflakes, hailstones, and cumulonimbus clouds.

How it works: Visitors attempt to assemble four mini puzzles of the precipitation elements on a platform, using clues that are provided. Puzzles need to be completed within 60 seconds of pushing the big blue timer button. The clock counts down the time until it reaches 60 seconds when a “big wind” blows the puzzle pieces off the platform!

The Precipitation Puzzler is the first of two exhibits about precipitation that the Weather Discovery Center plans to add to the exhibit gallery. The next exhibit–called Frozen Raindrop–will be added in the early spring. With the addition of these two new interactives, the topic of precipitation will be added to the weather subject matter already covered in our gallery: tornadoes, lightning, being prepared for weather emergencies, weather folklore, seasons, the water cycle, thunderstorms, and television broadcast meteorology.

Stop in soon to give the Precipitation Puzzler a try!

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