We’re excited to announce that a new exhibit debuts at the Weather Discovery Center at the end of January. The Precipitation Puzzler challenges users to place puzzle pieces correctly using clues about different types of precipitation. Sound easy? Well, there’s an element of time involved. If the timer goes off before you complete the puzzle, the pieces get all jumbled up and you’ll have to start again!

While the topic of precipitation is currently touched on in the existing exhibits, the Precipitation Puzzler goes more in-depth. By interacting with the exhibit, the visitor learns interesting facts about the various types of moisture that fall from the sky.

Younger visitors will enjoy the large colorful puzzle pieces and graphics, while older visitors will like the information and the challenge of the puzzle. All visitors may learn a little bit more about rain, sleet, snow, and hail.

Watch for the announcement of the opening of the exhibit and for pictures that will be posted here.

The Precipitation Puzzler is being designed, built and installed by the design team from Carnegie Science Center of Pittsburgh.

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