We’re excited to announce that a new exhibit will make its debut on the exhibit gallery floor of the Weather Discovery Center sometime in March! Its name–Pull Up Clouds–not only describes how you’ll interact with the exhibit, but also what its content is.

Clouds can tell us a great deal about our approaching weather. This exhibit’s content will explain the characteristics of a few of the many types of clouds there are and what those clouds can tell us about our weather.

Visitors will use ropes to pull each cloud to the height it’s found in the sky. Raising the cloud will reveal interesting facts about that cloud.

The topic of clouds is new to our exhibit gallery and, we think you’ll agree, a very fun addition! Keep watching for news of the debut of Pull Up Clouds.

Sponsored in part by the Glenn and Ruth Mengle Foundation and the Pennsylvania Great Outdoors Visitors Bureau as a Jefferson County Hotel Tax project.

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